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Default Re: The book of Enoch, the cover up and the truth hidden by the church

Now let me bring your attention to post 40 enoch is not the only place which talked about giants but keep trying and hide the truth problem is that they may have made this book almost vanish from history but take a look at whats still in the bible
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Chuckle, snarf, i do not know where to even start here except to say you guys have really taken the bate.

The book of 1enoch has never been scripture and was considered a major heresy as far as it can be tracked. The only ones to keep it in their very loose canon is the ethiopic church, and those guys actually think they also have the real ark.
In the year 382 jerome was given the job to produce a standardized latin text, at this juncture he knew he could not insert the book of enoch but he wanted the doctrines in it so what he did is to insert 2 peter and jude which were never considered scripture and to this day are considered to be pseudepigrapha. Both 2 peter and jude quote 1enoch and by doing this he inserted a major part of the fear doctrine being taught today by the churches.

Example of ludicrous statements of 1enoch: Nephilim 3000 ells tall
go figure out how tall that is and see if you believe it.

Just a sample boys and gals, that is just a sample.

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