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Default Re: The book of Enoch, the cover up and the truth hidden by the church

Dear Timetotelltheworld! I, for one, am following your thread with great interest and greatly appreciate the message you are trying to make.

I knew about the book of Enoch but had never read it until this past April at my mom's request to take a look into the Aprocrypha. What I have is called "The Secrets of Enoch" which are in a collection called "The Forgotten Books of Eden".

Now, help me, please, to understand. I have begun researching this info (for my own understanding) and found that there are 3 Books of Enoch: Enoch1, Enoch2 and an apparently less important Enoch3. Which one are you quoting?

I feel that to understand who "we" are and who "they" (ETs, Nephilim, Gods, Sons of the Gods, ets.) are (to which members of this forum dedicate so much precious time), these ancient texts are SO important... whether they be Mayan, Egyptian, Hopi, Caldean, Persian, Hindu or whatever!

I do believe that all of the most ancient peoples who have left messages for us to decifer, left them for a reason, and those of us who feel it our mission to decifer them must do just that. Those of you who do not care, or would rather have others do the work and wait for the report... well, wait then.

Thank you, Beren, Historycircus and Truthseekerdan for your valuable input.

Gscraig and Rozzy, we're not talking "church" because, as you know, these texts are not part of the "Bible" ; they are just other ancient texts to discover and decifer. No big deal unless we can learn something new, which I think we can.

Moxie...I don't see that your post was pertinent although it is always a very important message.

And, Timetotelltheworld...I have already found some really interesting research done with the book of Enoch that you haven't mentioned....but I don't want to distract the thread...maybe later when you have proven your thesis...ok?

Peace and Good Will to all of you!

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