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Exclamation Harper Sells Nuke Plants/ Alberta's 'Closed Door' Nuke Energy Meetings

No consultation again. In another sell-off of Canadian assets, paired with one-sided private hearings/development in Alberta and also Ottawa.... ??

Public input gets nuke job
By BILL KAUFMANN - Last Updated: 5th June 2009, 3:43am

They can be excused for thinking it's a sell job dressed up as a consultation process. Opponents of nuclear power in Alberta meet today with provincial officials but little to their surprise, it's being done behind closed doors in a journey devoid of public hearings.

An expert "objective" panel that included proponents of nuclear energy who submitted a report that predictably omitted many of the industry's drawbacks. The group refused to hear from renowned expert on the health impacts of nuclear radiation, Dr. Helen Caldicott, because she's biased.

The panel's work was aided by veteran nuclear energy purveyors Idaho National Laboratory (INL) which stands to gain a chunk of work if Alberta decides this fall to accept reactors...

Harper government to sell AECL reactor business
Thursday May 28

THE CANADIAN PRESS/Fred Chartrand OTTAWA - The Harper government plans to put Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.'s nuclear reactor business up for sale. It's part of a major restructuring that will also mean private-sector management for AECL's Chalk River research facility, which makes the medical isotopes used in diagnostic scans...
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