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Default Re: 3D Airport Scanners - Just Say NO!

Originally Posted by Shikasta View Post
LOL no-caste... Unless MANY people refused and cost the airlines a lot of lost revenue?
Givin' 'er a whirl... wrote my govt rep already

These are relevant questions though. In Canada, it was the CBC that tested tasers, which tended to misfire and kill people, when the cops thought they were just StarTrekish stun guns. Neither the RCMP or any government agency thought to test a product that Taser International assured everyone was fantastic. They sold, well, how many in Canada. Everybody was on the company brochure page.

So, what's going on with this .... faneffintastic scanner. The Rense article is actually a re-print from Technology Review published by MIT.

Also, what if a person had objections to scanning (nakedness) on religious grounds? Anyway, I'm going to write my regional Airport Authority and some airlines. I'd like to know what's up with it, e.g. can I get a refund if I say No. So I miss a flight. So company is mad. So airline is mad. So airlines get shakey.

It's a so what intifada. lol
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