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Arrow Re: What is Fibonacci Sequence, how does it relate to 2012

I just found this amazing post on the Google images and figured I would share

it, since it goes with what were talking about.

When math is witnessed in its purest form the realization can be truly amazing. Sometimes the application of mathematics can seem to be separate from the natural world but in actual fact when we take the time, math can be seen all around us. As teachers we will always have to answer the question ‘why’; by providing tangible and authentic examples of math we can empower our students with knowledge and hopefully encourage a love for mathematics that is relevant to their daily lives. But how can we find examples of math in nature? It is as simple as opening our eyes. The majority of our knowledge of mathematics and modern science is strictly based and supported on our observations of our environment. What was once seen as the randomness of nature is now distinguished as the intricate applications of mathematics and illustrates the complexities of our natural world. This web log is dedicated to just a few examples of nature’s mathematic phenomena such as the golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence, fractals and the honeycomb conjecture

The link if you wish to read more i can can send you the link it's rather long so

I wont post it. It discuses the golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence, fractals and

the honeycomb conjecture.
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