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Default Re: Wilcock Lies Proven

Originally Posted by historycircus View Post
Let me just say as well, thank you Bill and Kerry for giving Wilcock, and myself, a forum to discuss these incredibly important topics.

However, we need truth. People like Wilcock make me really mad. If he is so fundamentally wrong on such an important figure ("father of the modern illuminati), what else is he wrong about? He claims to be a researcher. He gets money to speak in public arenas. Who agrees that he should be called out on this?

I want the truth, and from the evidence I have reviewed (documentary, both paper and interviews), there is a government cover up. Just for starters, there was something at Roswell that the U.S. government doesn't want to come clean about. However, as citizen of the universe who hates on-one, recognizes my own circumstances as the product of my decisions, and desires nothing more than to just be an honest guy, I really can't stand liars. I can't stand those who would take advantage of those seekers who want nothing more than the truth.

Truth is what we all hunt for, especially here, and I think Wilcock - after that last Project Camelot interview - is just muddying the waters. That, I think, is the truth. What you all have to ask yourselves is this: Is it intentional, or just a "mistake." Consider the disinformation factor.

The HistoryCircus (Because history is full of clowns)
i got a good idea
history start a new thread
and, a fresh clean page ...
entitle it "father of the illuminati"
and, see who posts to it !!!

recently here,
i called them "the ills"
maybe, that was the first time,
someone was brave enough,
to call them that ...

one way, or another, i will get into those history books

keep smiling ...

there are probably a lot of good people
here, who can help you

warmest regards
the eXchanger
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