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Default Re: Wilcock Lies Proven

Francis Bacon's writings inspired a lot of people

with this type of attitude...
(if that's this is the type, you wrote to get clarifaction on,
i amNOT at all surpriSed, you got ignored
a lot of history,
has NOT even been recorded,
let alone, recorded properly

so, if a long time ago,
your teachers missed stuff,
or, erased stuff,
or, wrote things, that were NOT truth

then, by default,
you probably woul dhave missed stuff too

maybe there are a lot of records,
that have been
altered, changed, shifted, and,
much of what many of us, have learned,
whether learning professionally,
or, learning in other ways,
are loaded with a bunch of
B.S., crap, and, lies
that all of us, need to mine through,
to get the right answers.

if someone wrote "eXchanger lies proven"...
i might also choose, to turn the cheek,
and, not bother to respond
why throw, mud at dirt

perhaps, in an interview,
mr. david wilcock made a simple mistake,
it can happen, to people

a phone call-in, highly unlikely is a scripted event

there is NO doubt
Francis Bacon's writings inspired a lot of people
and, all the other cast of characters existed,
at one time, or another

we are in the NOW, not in past,
not in the future, but,
in The Pivot of an exiting now
trying to discover, and, make good sense
of what went on, in the past,
and, how it all fits into the NOW...
if you are a real true professional historian,
your input, would be appreciated,
valued and welcomed around here,
i'll bet if you worded your question differently,
it would field you, a much better response.

I am sure, that if David,
made a mistake, he would own it,
and, i am sure,
if you ever make a mistake,
we would excuse it
and, we would forgive it
and, just keep on, keepin' on

to project avalon...
we may NOT always be right,
but we will sure try,
darn hard to be PURRfect !!!

(in spite, there is NO spell checker)

Have fun ...and, tell us, what you know

we are here, to discover truth,
just, like you are !!!

tell us, what you know,
all of us here, i am sure,
we would to listen to you

attitude is everything ....

brightest blessings to you
the eXchanger
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