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Unhappy Wilcock Lies Proven

In David Wilcock's recent Project Camelot interview via phone, he said that Francis Bacon's writings inspired Christopher Columbus. Spain had one hundred years of professional colonialism under its belt before Bacon had recognition in England. My question is simply this: If Wilcock, a self proclaimed expert, can get such facts about the supposed "father of the illuminati" wrong, how are we supposed to accept his other words as legitimate?

I want the truth, just like you all do. I asked John lear to publish some of his "proof," and he ignored me. Wilcock is wrong in his statements (I am a professional historian who has studied Bacon - Bacon was born 80 years or so after Columbus met the Arawak at San Salvador). Beware who you accept as truth bringers, that is all I'm saying.

What are your thoughts on this?