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Default Re: The Phoenix Journals

Well Lisa I don't suppose we will ever know the truth...well perhaps one day!!

Truth will she always does...

What I do know is that he was involved in the Journels some years back

Whether he chooses not to acknowledge them or ??? I don't know...

He has his reasons...The message he sends out through the Paradigm series is amazing...And I am sure he would of liked that we as Humanity can do this alone...maybe thats why he pulled away from them...who knows...

Read this...please read at your own discretion!!

Regarding evacuation...the journels clearly state that there will only be an evacuation if we have ...Nucleur war/Pole shift/cataclysm etc ect ... otherwise we will be left alone...For Humanity to grow up and adopt the cosmic principles and the Universal order to be invited to our universal brethen...

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