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Default Re: The Phoenix Journals

Originally Posted by viking View Post
How do you know George doesn't know them??
This is my question to George:
Phoenix Journal #3 & #5 gave detailed "Evacuation Directions" for evacuating via beamships on the event of a major disaster.
The Journals are currently hosted at fourwinds10 by Patrick and Anne Bellringer who have been relaying new messages from Jesus and Ashtar.
On 2/22/2010, they said: "Dead or alive, you will be lifted off this orb, for this orb will be evacuated."
On 3/3/2010, they even gave an imminent date... The evacuation will be in this month around the time of the Spring Equinox.
So my question is: do you know who Patrick and Anne Bellringer are and whether they are legitimate messengers?

His answer is:
"I don't know them.. There will be no evacuation..there are new events that will be escalating the rest of the year on this planet."
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