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Default Re: Thuban Thoughts II

When will the voice of honesty and reason win out in this Solar System? I don't think that things need to be hard and complex...especially regarding major policy issues. Corruption makes things hard and complex...and corruption is presently rampant. I expect this to continue into the far distant future. I don't think that the non-humans in this Solar System are stupid. Just the opposite. But I think that they hate us...and that they have been taking advantage of us for a long, long time. We probably deserve some of the misery...and we have probably brought a lot of the grief upon ourselves. But I am very, very, very sick and tired of the violence and stupidity I see throughout history...and in the present. It is utter insanity. Why in the hell does this have to continue? Once again...I'm going to dig in my heels regarding the United States of the Solar System. I will research other things...but it will be from the perspective of Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom. This is like reinventing the wheel. It is so utterly simple...yet I doubt that it will become a popular concept anytime soon. I don't think I'm going to spend a lot of time on the Thuban material...other than to review what I have previously posted on this thread.

I am very disappointed that the original 'Thuban Thoughts' thread is missing in action. There has been no communication regarding why it has been completely deleted. I continue to think that Avalon has been strong-armed into all of the recent very strange developments. I have no problem with strong moderator guidance and high posting standards...but what I have witnessed recently deeply saddens and perplexes me. I am very fearful regarding the future of Earth and the Solar System. What needs to be happening to make things not happening...and I doubt that it will happen anytime soon.

If I keep harping...I'm just going to get more and more bitter...and everyone will become more and more resistant to me. I seem to have spiritual and social leprosy. So I'm going to try very, very hard to just let all of this go...and just fade away.
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