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Default Re: Final destination Iran?

Hi eMonkey,

I was taken aback a littleby that piece also about the bombs being destined for Israel and then the President diverting them to somewhere else.

Don't read me wrong, but it seems that Obama is almost going out of his way to protect the Muslim world. His trip which he cancelled was to go to Indonesia (again) and then on to Australia.

At the end of the day, could Obama be a Muslim? Could it be that there will be a viravolta in the works?

Very sensitive times.

Best regards,


Originally Posted by eMonkey View Post
Hmm, it is close to the Gulf of Aden, where there are also interesting things happening.. No?

If he wanted to not ship these to Israel as is in the news today (World Tribune), then he could have diverted them to Germany or Iraq where they also have bases. Or, simply scotch the delivery.

No, something is up, for sure, but it may not be what you think..
Just my 2 cents..

BTW, whatever happened to the news coming out of there?.. seems to have dried up.
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