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Default Re: The Phoenix Journals

Hey Vidya ...

Yes interesting question...I have asked myself many times!!! What if?

Yes there is much wisdom within the Journels and it is up to you what you do with them...simple.

Anyway regarding if I would hop aboard ... Hey you only have to ask if they are of good intentions or bad!!

quote...letter re Evacuation
Subject: EVACUATION...

In case they will , how do we recognize them ?

I'm going to add my two cents worth again. Yes, ask them to identify themselves.

But you will be able to feel the love radiating from the 'good guys' easily. You won't need to be overly sensitive like I am, as a Healer. You will be able to feel it!!! Trust me. For most, it will probably be overwhelming, it is so strong!!!

But another way to tell the difference is that the good guys will suggest things to do and leave the choice up to you completely. They would never consider ordering you around and expect 'obedience'. Being a true Master means that you do not order people around Ok??? A true Master doesn't have to.

NO ONE will tell you to get on the ships. The decision is always yours.

Without going into too much detail...yes I would.


Originally Posted by Vidya Moksha View Post
Hey Viking
I have read some of the posts, but not all. They certainly contain many truisms, and much wisdom. I have to confess that intuitely I dont buy it all (and there are a few areas I am even a little concerned with).

However...this is not the purpose of my post.. I have a question for you or anyone else reading...

If these alien craft appear (I have to say I am open minded if they would, tending towards not believing they will).. would you sign up and go along?
I know I wouldnt, even in the face of earth changes (which I also doubt in the near future)...

so lots of wooliness from me around a basic question, but I am interested in responses....
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