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Default Re: The Phoenix Journals

Interesting perspective.

To elaborate on my answer... I think I have lived less than half of my life, so it is a bit early to pass over to the other side. In addition, I am a very ordinary person, so I count on other people to learn about the future.

I believe that Mother Earth is transitioning to a fourth-density planet as described in the Law of One (

Duncan O'Finioan said that he has visions of the Earth passing through an area of the Universe that changes properties of metals and make electronics not functional, thereby throwing back civilization 500 years ( And I think that ties in to the transition.

Also, I always think that it will be cool to learn about how the ET technologies work, how their society function without hierarchy and a medium of exchange. And I think I can find a way back if I want to continue future reincarnations on Earth.
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