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Default Re: The Jonathan Reed Hoax - Project Camelot impersonation on YouTube

Originally Posted by pilgrim View Post
An ArK?? self sufficient? All ready prepared?...., How much did you say?
Never mind! It's legal isn't it..., I mean, to have a nuclear reactor..., must be surely!
A mini nuclear reactor and the government agencies never questioned it??
I wonder why? Maybe true "truth-seekers" should.,Hmmm??
Who discovered this 'Eutopia'
It wasn't a person called Jake S, aka, Jack Burns, aka Jock whatever!!
Is this the friend of George Green, the property developer, the banker, the person that channells the pleiadians, that advises people to move.....just move!!
Preferably to an ark in Australia? OR S. America.
Apparently this Jake S has very strong psychic abilities, again ,Hmmm!
As a certain person shrewdly observed, there was a plethora of "whistle blowers"
queing up to be interviewed by Camelot. All of them very charismatic..., but the news they brought was either old news or " I can't tell you, 'cos I'm sworn to oath".
Now., if they want tell something because the public ought to know and it's against
the law and constitution., then surely these intelligent people would recognise that oath is meaningless! UNLESS!
It's a crock of shyte.., ( forgive the spelling)

He lasted two years!
He has lasted 50 years.
" we can beat them"
"we can't beat them"
By the way, Jordan is an advocate and good friend of Manly p. Hall & Helene Blavatsky, and if you have done your homework.., well., luciferians.
Now the thing is.., where have all the whistle blowers gone??
The answer is.......they were never here!!

The PTB were ahead of us, they sent CHARISMATIC smiley people , bloody actors or mind controlled people!! Not only does it convince the masses, but it puts off the 'true' whistle blowers. Brilliant!

These so called whistle blowers, in the main, are shills. If they talk about the mutilation of our children, the manipulation of our thoughts , in real time,, if they speak about love and true spirituality. the love of your self which is the answer to them,,, if they don't talk about that or the answers....then then are fear-mongers in the pay of them, we call them 'patriots'.. the bastards should be lined up and shot!!!

For all you chanelled message lovers.., oh dear.
Love yourself for frig's sake, listen to your heart .., not your's their thoughts!
Kindly do not taint us all with the same brush, real whistleblowers, like myself have suffered greatly at the hands of the controllers, How dare you insinuate all are full of sh**, and we should be lined up against a wall and shot!! People like you are in the crosshairs simply by being bloody stupid cretins.
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