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Default Re: Turn the TV Off!

For years, I have just watched maybe one, good, programme a week (yes, litereally one!) like Dexter, Survivors (!), Dr Who...Lost (oh nonononono have only got to season 3 though! that's my life running away!) more recently Being Human...

Did seriously think of giving up the tv license last year as all this stuff you can buy on DVD (yes, in UK you pay for the right to receive free tv!) but still use it to record an occasional film. Love films...

And what do I do with all the free time I have accrued ???

I'll give you three guesses.

Great idea though seashore.. and there is new conspiracy info about regarding the flat screens ultimately being able to be two way screens... so they can watch you watching them... straight into your living room.

Course.. that's if you believe all that conspiracy rubbish of course

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