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Default Re: The Jonathan Reed Hoax - Project Camelot impersonation on YouTube

Wow i'm a little late seeing all this going on what's happening here?
Can we please get back to sanity everyone calm down you can feel the vibes it is not nice.
This makes me very sad, if there was one thing you could rely on was logging in on avalon knowing peace /tranquility/ love and friendship but after reading this thread it has shocked me frankly.
Bill and Kerry i do not know you personally have never spoken to you as such but when i joined avalon when it all started i knew i had found a place in which we could share and join together.
It is a shame it has come to this and i agree with some who has mentioned this that yes we have been attacked by negative forces most definitely.
If it is impossible for you Bill and Kerry to get back together then that is sad you were both the backbone of these whistle blowers interviews something that will be missed now not seeing you work together.
real shame if you ask me, just goes to show all the hard work by some on here who try to keep vibrations high that negativity still has a foot in the door.
What will it take to oust this overwhelming control well it seem all the meditation and goodwill could not calm these rough waters let us lay it to rest now, start afresh, begin once more.
I do not wish to take sides bill/kerry i just feel so disheartened by it all.
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