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Default Re: No Tv!

thanks for this, Seashore -- i was raised w/o tv, in the '50s, making me a real oddball in school, since tv was the primary topic of discussion in elementary school; raised my children w/o it; & avoid it whenever & wherever possible --

TimeWarner did this amazing cable promo of 3 months of everything for $17, so i gave it a try -- this was the year of the nwo attack on the USAmerican people aka 9/11, so i presume the promo was to get as many people as possible watching the screen w/the repeating traumatizing images & the subliminals -- the ones they do w/color directly into the retina/optic nerve

i swear they sent a robot to ask me to continue getting cable service at the end of the 3 months -- i declined

recently i was stuck in a motel w/no books for some time, so i watched the tv -- what an amazing amount of propaganda for the nwo! & insulting, demeaning ads , showing the reptilian contempt for the human -- & encouragement of violence & meanness , etc

but even worse are the subliminals -- both visually & aurally -- they are coming fast & furious -- up till now i have avoided tv because it's a total waste of my time -- but these subliminals -- i don't want to see/hear them --

anyone reading this who watches tv a lot & thinks because they have a high IQ, that they can psyche out the messages & override them -- NOT! consider the minds behind the creating of these subliminals -- they live a LONG time -- & know the human mind very well -- now they finally have the technology & opposable-thumbed humans to do the work , & are getting those subliminals out there

very good book on tv : 'In the Absence of the Sacred' by Gerry Mander

Peace & Freedom & No TV, wynderer
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