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Default Annunaki Overlord

Originally Posted by Gnosis5 View Post

The Annunaki overlord
was detected as a handler of a planetary bio-engineer.

Whatever else he was doing we did not take the time to inquire.

He merely told me his role was planetary overlord.
In the process of detachment he flailed in grief and anger realizing what a waste his life had been and he blamed someone higher up too. He kept repeating "they froze my heart". So we went looking for the "they".
WOW! what powerful people we indeed have in this forum,
or alien souls in human skin ?,

as they talk and meet Annunnakif Overlords like everyday business !

It must have been like meeting a GOD, if his role was even planetary overlord!

and you made the Lord to realize "what a waste his life had been " ?

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