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Default Re: Turn the TV Off!

WOW if it hurts to unplug, you need to, at the same time, I find it hard to part with my AOL browser just to see what the current generated crap is.
Tv is like the big window of an ant farm, fascinating! Haven't had it in years though.
Oh BTW when the guy from the TV license gestapo came to check , he high tailed it out of here asap after I vented my ....concerns. It was a kind of fun. May as well enjoy the apocalypse.
OK, I still have the box, I like films, sometimes. You know what's creepy? I want to buy a flat screen because I think that big ol box sits like a malevolent toad in the room but we were told in the shop where we looked at them that they could not sell us one if we did not have a license ,even if we only wanted it for DVDs . They said it was IMPOSSIBLE to detune the damn thing. do dee do do, (and that' s the "outer limits " theme playing)

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