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Default Re: Illuninati insider's spiritual comments

Originally Posted by fr66ajc View Post
The Star of Babalon. Should anyone have an interest in the Tarot you can see her astride the Beast in the Lust (Strength) Card of the Thoth Deck (Crowley).

Very basically it's a symbolic celebration of the strength of womanhood. Deeply anti-Christian as Crowley believed them to be responsible for the subjugation of women so his symbolism was pretty extreme in cases to show his disgust with the weakening and enslavement of women. There is much more to it of course but that is a basic idea, and seven is deeply related to the idea of Babalon.

in peace...
many have noticed my explanation of who the Trinity is, Christianity does not recognize the Holy Spirit as female. Islam who was first taught to honor women because Muhammad knew, now treats them as doormats...

Part of the awakening will be a return to simple truths...

and as for Babylon, it's location is very close to the Garden of Eden where I plan to be on December 21st 2012...

The formula = 77 + (7+7)/7 + 77. This is alluded to in The Book of the Law
77+7 to me is the meaning of what is missing from the truths that must be added, the +77 at the end is a piece of the formula I don't understand, could it be part of stepping to the next dimension with the addition of two more gifts of seven? 7 spaceships, races or books of knowledge? Time will tell...

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