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Originally Posted by annemirri View Post
Could you elaborate " court jester type exerting an undues influence on an Annunaki Overlord situated somewhere in Tibet" ?

That is connected to Nazis, and to that "BIG GAME" we are playing here on earth on it's final hour.

It is said that
the main portal that connects this planet to wider universe, even to multiverse, should move from (masculine) Tibet to
(feminine) Peru (Machu Picchu) and even "the hidden Hand" hinted about that.

We are getting very near the Source of the Matrix. I have felt it.


When I do my personal karma clearing work we sometimes run into interference in present time (so to speak), or sometimes a being enters into the session wanting to experience this clearing modality. Always there is a karmic connection/affinity, thus I enable these beings to detach from their negative programs.

The Annunaki overlord was detected as a handler of a planetary bio-engineer. Whatever else he was doing we did not take the time to inquire. He merely told me his role was planetary overlord. In the process of detachment he flailed in grief and anger realizing what a waste his life had been and he blamed someone higher up too. He kept repeating "they froze my heart". So we went looking for the "they".

The "they" that we initially found was a being who was using a device to amplify himself (and hide himself), and he told me his role/name was Loki (that is how my mind translated it into english). It seems he was one of the offspring of a dragon mother who somehow got himself into this particular twisted shape. After helping him do some clearing work he went back to Source.

Some have said that this is all a "Divine Comedy".

Who better than a Court Jester/Loki type? How closely is this planetary era starting to look like good material for a Mel Brooks movie?!

My karmic connection was from the viewpoint of a largish dragon mother type (they have a larval stage of development). So I took some responsibility for long forgotten games I played.

I will pass on your data about Peru, thank you. IMHO, the best thing anyone of us can do is rediscover our karmic connections -- the reasons for our affinities and attractions (however abhorrent) to these goings on and the beings behind them. This is part of the process of self-awareness -- expansion of responsibility.

We are doing our clearing work and we are awakening to see what we have created and we are correcting it.
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