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Default Re: Illuninati insider's spiritual comments

Originally Posted by Rocky_Shorz View Post
and what I shared wasn't for you, it was for the millions of Christians that might run across my post and start screaming blasphemy.

I would never try to convert anyone from their current beliefs, instead I share knowledge of what I have learned in my journey to find the truths.
Forgive me then, your post seemed to be a direct response to my question so that was where the confusion came in at my end.

I didn't suspect you of trying to convert me either, that was just an explanation of my icon.

As for your experiences, I consider myself lucky I haven't had any quite like that, but I am well aware of the forces that are in play and wouldn't deny those phenomena are possible. Yes, opening yourself up can be dangerous but not always. Ra could be genuine or false or both.

The CIA interest in 'psychic' abilities is well known.

My question to mu2143 still stands though - why is Ra 'evil' with respect to the Law of One teachings.

All channelled teachings are dubious and best taken with a pinch of salt, I am just curious about mu2143's statement, that's all. He/she seems to have gotten that idea directly from the Law of One books hence my query.
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