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Default Re: Illuninati insider's spiritual comments

and as for RA...

Illuminati or counterculture?

In 1982 Robert Maxwell’s Pergamon Press released the now infamous Changing Images of Man report (a 283 page epic, originally privately released by Stanford Research Institute in 1972). What this strange and lengthy book is all about is a controversial issue, given its speculative nature and vague, contradictory format. According to right wing conspiracy theorists it was a devious attempt by elite ‘Illuminati’ to introduce their subversive ‘New Age’ ideas into mainstream political thought; according to dismissive left wing critics it was an even more devious attempt by the secret Establishment to hijack increasingly popular countercultural philosophies, domesticate them and turn them to the advantage of a global elite. An element of both can be found in the text, which clearly outlines an apparently sincere desire to evolve in an ethical and sustainable direction – though possibly from an unconsciously self-righteous and self-deluding mindset – together with a paranoid fear of immanent system collapse, along with a thinly disguised fear of the ‘ignorant masses’ and a ‘mindless counter culture’ (perhaps true from a dinosaur ‘elite’ perspective)...

SRI, a government think-tank

What rang alarm bells for the left was the fact that the original 1972 report by SRI was the result of a study project commissioned by ‘Government departments’, and that SRI had until then predominantly worked for the Pentagon and CIA, as well as private concerns such as the liberal Rockefeller Foundation. Moreover, Stanford University was a central component of many years in State and Military funded ‘mind control’ and psychic research...

While occult phenomena have long been ridiculed by the scientific establishment, the CIA seriously entertained the notion that such phenomena might be highly significant for the spy trade. The Agency speculated that if a number of people in the US were found to have high ESP capacity, their talent could be assigned to specific intelligence problems. This was why, in 1952, the CIA initiated an extensive program involving the search for, and development of, exceptionally gifted individuals who could approximate perfect success in ESP performance. The Office of Security, which ran the ARTICHOKE project, was urged to follow all leads on individuals reported to have true clairvoyant powers so as to be able to subject their claims to rigorous scientific investigation. In 1952, one of the men who went in search of such psychics was Andrija Puharich and in the early 1970s, when SRI reinvigorated such projects, he once again searched the extents of the earth in search of psychic talent, which he found in Uri Geller.

In the 1950s, the CIA also began infiltrating sťances and occult gatherings, which may explain why they were interested in a bizarre UFO/medium case in Maine in 1959. A memo dated April 9, 1953, refers to a domestic – and therefore illegal – operation that required the planting of a very specialized observer at a sťance in order to obtain a broad surveillance of all individuals attending the meetings.

During the late 1960s, the CIA experimented with mediums in an attempt to contact and possibly debrief dead CIA agents. These attempts, according to Victor Marchetti, a former high-ranking CIA official, were part of a larger effort to harness psychic powers for various intelligence-related missions (PROJECT SCANATE) that included utilizing clairvoyants to divine the intentions of the Kremlin leadership.

Early in 1981, a well-known syndicated columnist Jack Anderson said: “my associate and I revealed a Pentagon secret that raised eyebrows from coast-to-coast. To the sceptics who wrote in, no, we don’t take hallucinogens. The Pentagon and the Kremlin are, indeed dabbling in the black arts, they are seriously trying to develop weapons based upon extrasensory perception…”. A Course in Miracles seems to have been a part of this psychic warfare… the question is: what was its intended purpose? And is it but a stand-alone case, or part of a larger group of projects, which might shed a radically different light on the origins of the New Age movement?

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