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Default Re: The Jonathan Reed Hoax - Project Camelot impersonation on YouTube

I think I came across this channel not so long ago. I was thinking.. were are all the videos and what's these UFO favourites?

I had forgot for a moment it was jagbodhi that is the real channel.

I realized rather quickly it was a "hijack" so to say off Project Camelot.

But I think the major majority will see quickly that this is a imposter. It took me not more than a minute.

Though I don't remember the Jonathan Reed video being there when I stumbled upon this channel. I watched it now...

Kinda strange... supposed being a live broadcast.. where is the live feed? That can't be it... What's whit the super small resolution etc, the square picture?
Is this video supposed to be recent footage or old but only now resurfaced?

Well either way the video is highly suspicious and looking at were you find it at a imposter channel... Doesn't speak well either.
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