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Default Re: Thank you for blaming yourself (very deep subject here)

RedeZra, yep, definitely a keeper for this thread as well.

Seems that everyone here are like minded as me? For example...

*That we all are beings of our own change

*That we all experience our whole reality

*That we are responsible (in one or many ways)

Something I may not have explained to well and that could help in understanding one of the main the points of this thread and that is that everyone and everything is related in known and unknown ways, yes?

For example we breath earths air, which is connected to same air that our so called enemies breath. We walk, talk, see, taste, touch and feel just as our enemies do. What else do we do that our enemies do? Point is, the more and more connections we discover with our enemies the more we know that there are less and less separations as a whole.

What do you think??

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