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Default Re: Brown abandons No.10

"War room" is likely about this (WIKI), in my opinion:

The next United Kingdom general election is due to take place on or before 3 June 2010, barring exceptional circumstances. As a general election, it will see voting take place in all constituencies of the United Kingdom, to elect Members of Parliament (MPs) to seats in the House of Commons, the lower house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

The wheels are sure spinning! -

2nd UPDATE: UK Opposition Seeks To Regain Initiative As Race Tightens

BRIGHTON, England (Dow Jones)-A nervous U.K. opposition Conservative Party gathered on the south coast of England Saturday amid a general election battle that looks increasingly difficult for David Cameron's party.

The party's Treasury chief George Osborne placed the U.K.'s fiscal problems in focus on the first day of the conference, promising a Conservative government would act quickly to tackle the country's debt to prevent the nation from being left at the mercy of the bond markets.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives unveiled their slogan for the upcoming election campaign, urging the public to "Vote for Change" after 13 years of Labour Party government.

yada yada interesting about the Falklands though...
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