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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by SteveX View Post
err Excuse me a Q & A? What if the question is asked and the answer is flawed? Is it not appropriate to point that out?

Do we accept blah blah blah and then as if by magic blah blah blah and Jesus said (probably didn't cause all the miss translations and certain manipulative agendas) blah blah blah your all tail swallowing snake holders blah blah and I'm getting this direct from blah blah blah blah..... as he goes along. Your saying leave it...bug out...go away? Isn't that a tad Ouroboros?
You raise a good point, and I concede to it.

a) If you ask a question and you perceive the answer to be flawed, then you knew the correct answer already so why bother asking the question.

b) If you see an answer to a question that appears flawed given to someone elses question, then ask more questions to elaborate. Statements of agreement or disagreement in conclusion would probably be made whatever the outcome eventually. What I was trying to avoid was the side conversations - such as this one, that are not based on questions to the "Thuban representative" of the original posts.

c) I can't really stop anyone from anything really, I was hoping though that the essence of this thread could remain Q&A.

Please read the rest of this post as afterwards I would like to change my approach but want to explain fully why.

It has been stated that there are many posters that are "frightened" to come out against the way in which this thread is working, and the information presented by Abraxasinas. I would point out that I am motivated to act in support of this thread by a number of people for whom the converse is true and this motivates me to continue trying to optimise the thread for its original intent to answer questions made by interested members - because I have been told in no uncertain terms that they want to continue to read it and they perceive that the information has value.

The reason that these people do not want to come out and support Abraxasinas's endeavours is the attacks meted of the kind we see from time to time that aggressively “battle” any new ideas expressed on this forum. The message, paraphrased, is simply please don’t let those people ban Abraxasinas – we want to read him. It is as Abraxasinas would probably concur, an Archetypal behaviour that is clearly seen playing out on the forum.

All this does not make it right or wrong, good or evil.

So I have tried to clear the way, it doesn't look like I did much good - there is "reactance" in this circuit that appears to be particularly strong against certain vibrational rates of communication. Tuning is required to mitigate the reactance, but I don’t have the power to do it properly. I am sorry if this seems obtuse.

Furthermore, in the interests of transparency, I will state that today I decided that I myself concur with those kind members who have mailed me and asked me to continue to work to keep this thread running. I do believe that the information posted has important value and used correctly can be a powerful catalyst. The statement in this paragraph has been well tested in my heart-space and I am personally declaring confidence in the position expressed in it.

Henceforth, I am no longer able to act as neutrally as I was before, and probably explains my earlier misjudged words to Lionhawk in addition to some background factors that were alluded to earlier when I replied to him.

So unfortunately, that means that will no longer be able to make these special efforts, and I will get back to the normal role of moderation, and when the mood strikes me I will pose questions here of my own, and if necessary questions by proxy sent to me by private mail for those for whom the fires of judgmental hecklers are simply too much.

It seems that this scenario has provoked the situation whereby for the first time in public; my higher self, with whom I shared time/space as I wrote this, wishes to convey its own message of caution, not just to me but all of you. I have done this in the past, but it was in private. I hope this is worth the risk I feel that I am taking. The communication I refer to is contained in the next paragraph only.

You have heard that knowledge is power, power can corrupt, absolute power can corrupt absolutely. It does not matter where that power comes from, but the intent that causes its flow does. The manipulation of simple truths through the "multiverse", while well intended can have devastating effects. Therefore take very good care to discriminate before you assimilate! Every single parcel of the data and combination thereof must be tested in the light and in the love of your own heart space. In the light and in the love of the one infinite creator, may you all be blessed, guided and protected on your way to your own God-hood.

In the meantime, let’s see where this river flows.

In the love and in the light of the one infinite creator, in whom I express gratitude for the assistance that I was given above, may you all be blessed.


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