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Default Re: Dr. Steven Greer, Disinfo Agent? Details Please!

Originally Posted by qbeac View Post
Hi everyone, the questions raised about Dr. Greer are not only because he says there are not negative ETs but only positive ETs. There are other questions about other things too, such as, for instance, his alleged relation with the CIA (according to Alfred Webre,

This is what Alfred Webre says about Dr. Greer:

Alfred Webre, Barcelona. January-15-2010.
(Note: The original interview is in Spanish. This is a translation)
Min. 29:50. Obama’s announcement about declassifying the UFO matter is a play of the intelligence agencies identified with certain very well identified corners of the Exopolitics sector, Michael Salla, Steven Greer, who is closely identified with the CIA. He (Greer) follows the advice [or warnings] of the CIA, and is well surrounded by CIA agents. And that is a non-story to give the public hope so that they think "Obama El Salvador".... etc.

Original in Spanish:

Min. 29:50. Lo del anuncio de que Obama va a desclasificar el tema UFO es una jugada de las agencias de inteligencia de ciertas esquinas muy identificadas del sector de Exopolítica, de Michael Salla, de Steven Greer, que está muy identificado con la CIA. Él (Greer) sigue las advertencias de la CIA, y está muy rodeado de agentes de la CIA. Y eso es una no-noticia para darle aliento al público para que piense “Obama el salvador”.... etc.
So, it would be good to know if Dr. Greer is honest or an infiltrated agent. The elite has a lot of expertise producing infiltrated agents, so it should not surprise us they keep using that trick nowadays. Now then, in the case of Dr. Greer, perhaps he could clarify these questions by himself by agreeing to participate in more public and open debates so that everybody can ask him hard questions. Other persons are participating in open debates (see this forum), so, will he be willing to do the same?

I could not find an English version of that interview with Alfred Webre. Is there a transcript in English anywhere on the Net?

I am leaning more now towards believing that Greer is either a very bad case of burnout, which could explain a lot, or else really is a dupe of the PTB which could explain even more except why he would go to such great lengths to bring so many whistleblowers to the public's attention with the Disclosure Project. If that was a CIA attempt to deflect focus from the truth, it badly misfired. And his books really are inspiring, regardless of what he says about no negative ET s, etc.

But I don't know that it's really all that simple. It seems there may be a razor's edge so sharp for some people in this field that it splits them right in two. Similarly, I think it's likely that Greer may be caught betwixt and between, right on that edge.

Which is all the more reason to shift focus more to the higher energies and get out of our heads. because this stuff can really make you crazy.

I had no idea CSETI was charging that much money for the training. It seems awfully excessive and unnecessary to me. With the right intent, I don't think it can be that hard to make Contact.

Regardless of who did what, I do think it was inappropriate for Bill to post that information about the Manhunt site. That kind of thing makes everyone look bad.

And another interview with Greer to address some of these issues would certainly be instructive, but from all accounts, that seems pretty unlikely. It would certainly be something if it did happen, though!

Greer, Bob Dean and other whistleblowers say there are elements within the CIA and other agencies which are actually pro-Disclosure now. So if these are his CIA contacts, that puts a different perspective on what Webre says about Greer and possibly Salla.

This possibility reflects what Wilcock said in his Disclosure Endgame ebook about how many of the international power factions have re formed and reconfigured in the last decades. And many channellers say that there has been a slow infiltration of many arenas of power by more positively oriented individuals, from the bottom up, and that even some of the old guard are gradually seeing things in a different light.

We have to keep in mind that things are constantly changing, and quickly. What was true a couple of years ago may have shifted considerably by now...

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