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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
A statistically averaged time in cosmic seconds can be given, K626.
This number is counted from a MAT time (Mean-Alignment-Time) synchronised to Midnight (+9 hours GMT), Local Canberra time, eastern Australia November 4th, 1996.

The number (for a Unity Normalisation) is 1/Ho=RHubble/c=5.325584833x10^17 seconds +Delta and where Delta is the fraction part of 1.13267255.

It so took about 56 million years for the Earth to crystallize from the solar nebula and it took about 56 million years for the earth to cool as the mirror function for this crystallization.
For the Cosmogenesis of the Universe, the Minimum value for np=1.13267255 is used for an actual Age of the universe of 19.1151 Billion years*.

The AgeEarth=(4.477992+4.590301)x109/2~4.5341465..x109 (Billion) Years

Details are found here:
The Coulombic Chargequantum 'e'; its Variation and the Ages of the Earth and the Universe

*Puts calculator away*

Is the speed of light a constant?
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