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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by truthseeker View Post
Hi there everybody,

I had hoped to be asking Abraxas some more questions by now, or at least elaborations on my earlier questions (see post 939). However, it looks as if this will have to wait for a bit.

It appears that this thread has once again fallen into a polarity of views (those for and against this thread and its author), as it did back in January. However, this time, with the aid of one particularly strong minded and eloquent poster, the polarization now seems even more extreme.

In my last post on this thread, I finished with the following, which seems very pertinent, again, to the conflict and opposition that has become so evident, once more, here at Avalon: -

In addition to the above, I do not really buy into this idea that Abraxas and his ilk (the Thuban Council) are some kind of evil reptilian or demonic entities. However, even if Abraxas is either or both of these, or the ‘Devil’ himself, I would still be asking him questions about his perspective on humanity and the reality in which we live. By asking him questions, I am not necessarily accepting all that he and his Thuban Council state to be true. Indeed, though there is much wisdom here, in my view, I still have lots of questions about the material he has presented here and am far from convinced that what he presents is the whole truth of things. But then, as already stated, I extend a similar view, to a greater or lesser degree, to virtually every other perspective and framework I have ever heard presented, whether here at Avalon, at Camelot or elsewhere. The suggestion that I and others are mesmerized by Abraxas as he strokes our individual ego’s, simply because we engage in constructive dialogue with him, is to my mind rather melodramatic. Whether he is truly a dragon or not, I do not know? However, to my mind, whatever else he is, or indeed any of us are, he is most certainly a fellow human being with all the usual imperfections that such entails. I am sure Abraxas himself would acknowledge this. As for any other human being, I do feel their is an onus on us to treat him with respect, whether we actually agree with him or not.

As a serious student of astrology, I can not help but wonder if this polarization and conflict, as expressed on this thread, is not yet another manifestation of the ongoing Saturn-Uranus opposition. This began in 2008 and will finally come to an end later this year (2010), when these two planets make their last two exact oppositions to each other in April (Virgo-Pisces polarity) and July (Libra-Aries polarity) respectively. This clear polarization of ideas and perspectives on this Thuban thread is, to my mind, but one expression of this conflict that has or is being expressed here in this microcosm of the Avalon Forum. Others include the St. Clair-Camelot, Burisch-Camelot, Greer-Camelot, High-Camelot & Ryan-Cassidy (re. Kinsumei and the Heather material) conflicts. I also see comparable microcosmic conflicts and polarizations in my own life; in my place of work; with some particularly difficult neighbours of ours; and in relationships with certain member of my wider family. It is also clear that this same conflict and polarization is occurring in the wider world of politics (e.g. right wing-left wing and moderate-extremist conflicts), religion (e.g. Muslim-Zionist conflict) and science (e.g. main stream science-alternative science conflict) as well.

It would be nice to see some resolution too all this conflict, personal and collective, in the near future. Perhaps this will begin to occur this summer when structured and disciplined Saturn (in Libra) and unpredictable and changeable Uranus (in Aries) oppose each other for the last time in July-August of this year. At that time both of these planets also form an approximate 90 angle (a square aspect) to deeply transformative Pluto (in Capricorn). Expansive and escalating Jupiter also joins the fray when it conjoins with Uranus in Aries at that time (June-August). Even the assertive warrior, Mars, and harmonious peace-maker, Venus, join the scene for a short while in late July (Mars) to early August (Mars and Venus) as they both conjoin with Saturn in Libra, in its opposition to the Arien Uranus-Jupiter conjunction. With Pluto at the apex of this astrological configuration (known as a ‘T-Square’) it is likely going to be a key player in this up and coming astrological scenario. When the Moon opposes Pluto from Cancer on 6th/7th August 2010, we may then begin to see some kind of breaking point for this volatile configuration (with the Moon in Cancer it becomes what astrologers call a ‘Cardinal Grand Cross’). The Moon, when applied to the collective of humanity, represents the common people in conflict with, and in opposition to, the ‘Powers That Be’ (PTB), who are best represented in this configuration by the Libran Saturn (the status quo) and the Capricornian Pluto (the secretive power elite behind the governments of our world) as they square each other (was exact on 15th November 2009 and on 31st January 2010 and will finally do so again on 21st August 2010). The Arien Jupiter-Uranus conjunction has the feel of a massive (Jupiter) unpredictable (Uranus), and potentially destructive, revolution about it, something that could hurt both the common people and the PTB. Mars with Saturn suggests draconian (no offence meant, Abraxas) actions coming from the PTB (such as martial law), though Venus’ presence there too might help appease such actions somewhat.

So the conflicts here on this thread, at Avalon in general and in the wider world, do seem to be reflecting the astrological dynamics of our time. However, whether such conflicts and polarizations are resolved or not, here and elsewhere, will ultimately depend on our individual and collective levels of consciousness. So, this year, 2010, does seem to be offering us an opportunity to begin to make some changes for the better. What better place to start than from both within ourselves as individuals and as a small group of people who meet here in cyberspace on this Avalon forum.

So now would be a great time to stop the irrational, and to my mind baseless, accusations of lies, delusions or evil intentions that have so clearly been expressed, toward Abraxas, by so many of you on this fascinating thread. I think many of you need to take a closer look at yourselves before pointing fingers at others. Having said that, I would also like to thank you all (those so vehemently opposed to Abraxas) for their contributions. It would seem that this polarization of thought and the conflict it has created is part of a process that we all need to work through at this time. So thank you all for helping bring this entire dynamic to the full attention of myself and others who read this thread.

In my own case, you are truly a reflection of my own shadow self; my self-denials and my projections.

As within, so without! As below, so above!

Best Wishes

Truthseeker (Andrew)
Dear truthseeker!

A very good commentary of yours; as the astrocyclicities are very relevant at the present time.

Allow me to give you this information from the archives of the Thuban astrologers or Magi.

You know that the division of the Mazzaroth/Zodiac engages the particular configurations of the planetary-orbs at any instant in linear time, say the natal birthcharts or the auspices of historical time events.

The present synchronization of the equinoxes allows a 65x144,000=9,360,000 day cycle of 25,626.81 civil years.
This then defines a precessional rate of 1 degree per 71.1856 civil years.

This precessional cycle is confined to the planetary precession of earth in the 'wobble of the earth-polar' axis.

Now since the summer solstice of 2008 this precessional cycle has become superposed onto the entire universe as a whole.

So when you cast your charts, you are actually casting a chart not only for the magnetoinductions of the orb GEOMETRIC ANGULAR configurations (say as a photograph FREEZING the timeinstant of the natal configuration) for the terran 'characteristics' of the interacting 30-degree sectors (the basic division, but extended to Koch and Placidus etc.); but you are actually casting a horoscope for the holographic universe, miniaturized say in the hologram of the terrestrial precessional configuration.

Your treatize above so has become more accurate since the timing of the summer solstice 2008; as it utilizes a Mirror, situated so 2 million kilometers from the earth's center to reflect the orb configurations as a template onto ALL extraterrestrial civilisations.

Perhaps you might also like to know; Thuban astrology fully incorporates Chiron as the ruler of Virgo and assigns the New Moon to Libra as a Saros Dragon-Node. Cancer so is assigned the Full Moon as rulership of the House of the Mother.

Thanking you for a well stated and educational post.


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