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Default Re: Thank you for blaming yourself (very deep subject here)

At first I thought know one interested in this topic. Mainly because I had forgot to set the reply setting for my email, lol. After spending hours upon hours constructing this thread (a day or so) I again realized so many things, so many possibilities. Some of which you all explain in your replies here. Too many to mention so I will tell you all that I am very touched by ALL your responses and I thank you all for such caring that is so needed for our world right here and right now. Not cause I started this thread but because we all seem to need to comprehend & evolve it all even further and further.

I like to ask everyone here to further experience more perspectives here concerning this thread. For example, consider everyone here and everyone in the world being another version of “you”. Freaky hu? Male, female, black, white Asian and all other versions of you co-existing in your whole world. Seriously though… there’s more possible lessons to learn concerning the unlimited possibilities of it all. Is such an experience not a parallel reality that is connected to our reality here? How many and what kind of all these connections are always and only yours to explore… …or ignore.

Originally Posted by tintagelcave View Post
I have been pondering a lot on this subject (too) and I experience through every day that old programs and newly gained freedom states, in me, are intertwining, it's fascinating I think.
It feels like windows that open continually, also in the blame game domain.
Isn't this what we choose to experience in this lifetime? Going from plan A to B maybe, sometimes, but hanging on to that red thread? The interesting part of this unreveling process, is that the more telepathic/empathic we become, the more difficult it becomes to play games Cheerio and keep courage
I wonder if people realize that everyone has the ability to connect with everyone? Like through telepathy, where you could completely and so thoroughly explain a 3,000 page book to someone, via telepathy, within a few seconds.

Being telepath means that one has so much more insight, so much more understanding. Goes beyond what majority of conscious minds chose being reality. Yet all of them can chose being more open minded and more open heart in order to understand or evolve. I am very telepathic and in more ways than for just communicating. I also like to telepathically communicate with animals, like cats. I’ve found that most cats have natural instincts that most humans don’t realize. For starters, “ALL CATS ARE LIERS”. Not that they do it for evil because they are just like most humans who lie because they believe that such actions are needed to make our world a better place some how. I like to telepathically ask cats to rid the property I live on of rats and to treat all other animals with respect. Yet I also tell them, the cats, that they can “still have their fun” with other animals that they would normally hunt down and kill… sometimes just for the heck of it. This is proven to me almost daily now. Velcro, a grey and white cat comes to my door meowing. Although sometimes she can not “meow” that well when she does come to my door. Mainly because she has a lizard (in Florida we have small lizards) or small bird in her mouth. Yet, she does her best to meow very loudly, so that I can hear her through the walls of my home. When ever I hear those distinctive Velcro meow’s (meaning that she has caught prey and needs me right now) I always immediately drop what I am doing and I run for the door and open it. If I don’t make it in time Velcro the cat will very soon either kill the animal she has recently caught and who is now stuffed into her jaws of life and death. Or she may let it go live more life. All depends on how she’d feeling that day.

See, that’s part of the telepathic agreement that me and Velcro have together. We both (Velcro and I) already understand that Velcro is a “cat” and most normal cats must hunt in order to… I dunno… have more meaning to their lives maybe? Anyways, per our telepathic agreement, *if I don’t get to her (Velcro the cat) and the poor animal that’s still alive in Velcro’s mouth in the nick of time, then Velcro can do what ever she feels to her prey. Of course, when Velcro leaves a mouse’s head or rats mutilated body on my drive way I treat her the same way as when she shows me the “live” prey that she’s caught. I pet her, I feed her, I talk to her, I especially send her telepathic messages which are feelings or emotions, but more so than that. Difficult to explain while using such limited language (like english language) here. Velcro is the 4th or 5th cat to have such a relationship with me.

Originally Posted by dddanieljjjamesss View Post
I can only say that this understanding has been vastly important to my personal growth, and though its tough for me to describe HOW and WHY we should come to that point, I realize how true it is that we are the centers of our own world.
Ah yes… very tough indeed, which is why I spent several hours preparing this thread, to post here. I trust that you, like everyone here are learning more and more by choosing more and more other perspectives as well. Keep evolving and thanks for responding. Sorry I’ve cut most everyone’s quotes here, but it would take up too much room here.

Originally Posted by gita View Post
Many moons ago I changed my perspective from ‘blame’ to responsibility.
Excellent. I too am still learning as well and very glad to have yours and everyone important input on this subject.

Originally Posted by Majorion View Post
I don't think one should blame his/her self for "everything", that's quite harsh mate. I am of the belief that our "reality" is a construction of not just "one mind", but rather the collective-consciousness that has been at play for centuries. It's the "we", we have molded our "today" as it is now, the big problem has always been recognizing that all of us are one. The root cause of this "blame game" is our indifference for each other, intolerance for other belief systems, disrespect and ignorance of other races and cultures, etc.
Why do you think mankind has had to start civilization all over again like 7 times over millions of years. You know the term: "all of this has happened before, and all will happen again". Unfortunately we tend to think because of advances in technology that this should solve all our problems and "our generation" is somehow "immune" to annihilation, when this isn't the case.

So look, no, I'm not going to blame "myself" for all things happening in the world which I have absolutely no control over, it's frivolous and quite unjust for a person to basically accuse themselves of things they've never done. I can try to make the world a little bit better of a place, be kind to others, generous, close with family members, stay open minded, not doing anything "too bad", and I basically think that's our purpose here on earth.
Well then, unless you believe you were a killer in a past life and somehow karma is creeping back at you. Cheers,
Excellent reply. Glad to have your opinion… your belief… your feeling placed here, just as I have placed my own here in order to begin this thread. Let’s change all those words to the word “perspective“ instead yes?

Yes, I have killed more than enough life during my thousands of past lives. Bare with me because this has something important to do with the topic of discussion. One astrologist/numerologist believes that I have lived over one million lives. I believe that I lived more than that. Yet I can not remember them all. I seriously believe that all life has more rights to existing, than one life or even species alone for that matter. In fact, I go out of my way to not step on any insects, no matter if they are poisonous or not. I see them as being just as human as I am. No, no, I don’t expect anyone to understand my ways of being. Just giving you some of my perspectives. Maybe if people today were to experience the death of others they would possibly understand more about me as well.

For I know when certain people will pass on (like within a few weeks to one month). I actually do experience death from the different perspectives of those who do soon pass on. Call it my regular precognition of someone else’s doom, I really don‘t care. All I know is that this ability (if you want to call it that) is only part of my whole being awareness and not psychic for such words are extremely limiting in my opinion. So many times of me trying me best to stop someone from passing on has also proven that I can not do such, no mater how hard I try. This is just one of so many lessons I am still learning in life. A few times I actually had it in my mind that I needed to commit suicide. I would start by thinking something like, “Okay, let’s park the car in the garage, then hook the hose to the tail pipe and plug it through drivers side window, then turn car on and sit in it, yeah! That’s the ticket! The next day the local paper would describe the suicide of someone in the same way that I was thinking of the day before. There’s a lot more to it all than just that. I have to have some kind of connection to certain folks before I can see them passing on. Kinda like a connection I now have with you? Hmm… Wait a second… I just had a Déjà vu. Maybe I really did kill you several times while in past lives and I’m suppose to now full fill our destiny by… roflmao! KIDDING MAN! Don’t worry I won’t kill you today, lol. In all my life, this life, that is the first time I’ve ever made such a joke about something I take so seriously. So please, I hope you feel this not being at your expense!!! In all seriousness I really do sometimes “sense” some ones near future passing. All of which gives me more perspectives concerning the topic that I’ve started here. I believe that if you can imagine a past life involving you then most likely that was one of your past lives. So I also realize (through various past life ways) that mankind has started over and over again which is one of many various reasons for me starting this whole post.

Still all that doesn’t change the fact that I am my whole reality experience. In fact, what I just explained to you only reinforces what I believe concerning my ever expanding responsibility. I experience what some may not and I experience what some may. Point being that I know for a fact that everything in my whole reality is “my reality”… so everything, all of it, is my responsibility. Believe it or not, my being “this way” removes more responsibility then you understand. $#%@$ *IF only folks chose more of their own natural telepathic being over such limited and very manipulative language as “english”!!! ! Only then could I REALLY express the truths that I know. It’s so serious for me, so sad, so exciting, so limiting, yet so needed that I experience all this… this… reality. Lol Yet another belief that I am, which is, “Everything happens for known and unknown reason(s)”

Originally Posted by mudra View Post
The subject of your thread contains quite a bit of wisdom Clarityofawareness . Thank you for bringing it up What a person does, and chooses, is determined by what a person is, and what they are is determined by what they are aware of. Everybody is exactly what they are currently aware of, and what they are currently aware of is based upon an infinite number of factors.

We might all be learning from "mistakes", but at least we can all be at peace (of mind) with each other as life unfolds. The whole concept of other determined causation is an entirely false ingrained perception that is in everybody's best interest to let go of. If everybody had this understanding, we would have total world peace because nobody would be acting out of anger, blame, resentment, hate, or fear. Everybody would fully accept, forgive, respect, and love all of life for what it is.

Knowing that Love is our essence blame, anger, resentment ... are just the many ways through which we are leaving ourselves on stand by building dams that prevent our inherent qualities of mindfullness and compassion to flow through .

There is no one to blame not even ourselves .. there is just to Be the Love that we are.
This makes us whole and fully responsible.

Love Always
Sometimes I get too deep and if so please let me know. In order to respond to your comment I must explain that I believe all reality being nothing but perfection and always remains as so. If not then god or creator has made some serious mistakes as well, lol. Again, if all reality is not perfection then there are mistakes like deception, manipulation, faults, low frequency, high frequency, oneness and what ever else you believe being imperfection. Point is, your what ever your being or “you are what ever you believe being reality”. Which is also what your reality experience is.

You see, everything that I think, chose, believe, disbelieve, imagine, fake or don’t fake (acting), approve or disapprove of, all affects my whole reality instantly. Just what does that mean?? I take full responsibility for who I am, what I am, where I am, how I am, when I am and why I am. This knowledge of truth for me also means that I deeply know without any doubts, that everything I do and don‘t do easily affects the whole world & universe that I live in. Which means that I a responsible because I can do what ever in order to continue change, which is what all reality is because it’s all energy in motion (or change).

Another perspective is that maybe things happen for known & unknown reason(s). So maybe that’s also a **** poor excuse some folks use to get out of their responsibility of being reality. I dunno. I’m just glad that each and everyone of you are not only placing your perspectives here, your also exploring perspectives as well.

I recently found that the movie “ ink “ that I believe plays into a lot of what were all reading and talking about here.

Originally Posted by illuminate View Post
hello Clarityofawareness and friends!
always nice to see all you beautiful beings

ah, I love the topic of responsibility!

(hint - fear doesn't really exist)

and the only way I will awake from this dream (or nightmare) and go home
is: forgiveness

practicing forgiveness, every second, of everyday is my ticket home.
(when I don't forgive, I AM forced to judge)

fear binds the world. forgiveness sets it free.

so, in the meantime,
I choose to take responsibility for everything and create my reality.
good times !!!

great thread and posts!
I had to remember I was the cause - I had completely forgotten!
so maybe this will help others to remember too

~ loving yourself is fun ~
Hello, welcome and I agree with you as well. Forgiveness is definitely something that we all must experience various perspectives of and then evolve more and more. For example, I forgive myself for not taking the needed actions at this time concerning the low frequency all around me. Or is it, “I forgive all who forgive me”.

Let me quote “ 'The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy' by Douglas Adams “

The history of warfare is similarly subdivided though here the phases are retribution, anticipation, and diplomacy. Thus, retribution: “I’m going to kill you because you killed my brother.” Anticipation: “I’m going to kill you because I killed your brother.” And diplomacy: “I’m going to kill my brother and then kill you on the pretext that your brother did it.”

Originally Posted by mntruthseeker View Post
...because there are many here on this forum alone that needs to be more accepting of others and see that they themselfs are not without fault. (even those that think they truly are)
Yes, that is yet another reason why I posted here. Not just my reason but yours and everyone else here. Don’t everyone see? We’re all not so different after all. I couldn’t just start a thread with the words “This is how we are all being more oneness!” No sir, that wouldn’t of done it. Not that I tricked you all being here and if I did I really do apologize, ok? I just seriously want our world being more oneness and I’m sorry if you feel that I’m not getting to the point by going at through this angle.

Originally Posted by truth and integrity View Post
You are asking very good questions. When we blame others or ourselves, we avoid taking an action to change. The same is happening when we worry. We prefer to worry, staying in our comfort zone and having an impression that we are doing something.
Change is inevitable misery is optional.
Very good! Not so complicated once we begin to experience other perspectives. Maybe this is the kinda thread that folks can take offline and simply imagine the experiences through various related perspectives? Like after you’ve had an argument with someone and you stop to catch your breath. You then start to realize other perspectives of the argument as well, like “forgiveness”.

Originally Posted by omshanti View Post
Firstly, yes, you are right Kevin...this is deep, and perhaps there is no answer nor response when one questions infinite possiblity!

I carry little resonance, however, with your initial premise:

"For every game must have a winner, yes? If any winners what exactly do they win? ..."

I do not see thru the lens of winner and loser. This (eternal) "game" of Life is an unfolding experience. An experience for the soul to discover multi-dimensional awareness. or not. Each player on this world stage does indeed play a part...i suppose the only question we can answer truthfully is how does one wish to play their part?

(ps can someone tell me how to quote from other people's messages?)
Excellent. I agree but I did not expand my expressing that. What’s important is that we all learn from this and evolve it even further. I don’t want to make this reply any longer. Just want all to know that I HEAR you ALL!
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