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Talking Re: Thank you for blaming yourself (very deep subject here)

Often we are so caught up in the guilt ridden mentality that we self destruct. This happens a lot to young children who have not even begun to live their lives. Liberating yourself from blaming ourselves is simply learning to forgive yourself , because no one in this world is perfect yet we can learn little by little from our mistakes. That's why we have to transcend from the blaming game to creating positive solutions for us and those people that surround us. Learning to forgive yourself and others is in my view the way to change our world. Embrace your neighbor and show them you care , your world and theirs will change for the better. This is what love is all about, there's no time to feel guilty or place blame on others. Is time to create solutions and construct the community and the world we want, each one of us has an incredible power within to completely change this 3 dimensional reality.
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