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Default Re: Thank you for blaming yourself (very deep subject here)

Wow, deep thinker, that's very eloquently phrased! Thanks, I think I understand what you're saying here. I have been pondering a lot on this subject (too) and I experience through every day that old programs and newly gained freedom states, in me, are intertwining, it's fascinating I think.
It feels like windows that open continually, also in the blame game domain.
Isn't this what we choose to experience in this lifetime? Going from plan A to B maybe, sometimes, but hanging on to that red thread? The interesting part of this unreveling process, is that the more telepathic/empathic we become, the more difficult it becomes to play games and have hidden agendas. There are alien races that say "We cannot interfere with your free will, because we make contact if you're ready for it, and that's when the majority is in universal consciousness" In other words, in an accepting state and attitude towards this alien race. It's for their own good too! These beings, at least the highly evolved ones, are aware of all of you, your emotions and feelings, your thoughts. Not my personal experience, but I know this from testimonies.
They shy away of states of fear and anger, or they become very afraid as a result of that and maybe defend themselves for the wrong reason, it's quite complicated. It seems that only Earth is a planet with a blame game, because of this duality consciousness thing of the 3rd dimension. Well, I am putting some thoughts on the subject here, hope you can find something of value here, or food for new thoughts. Cheerio and keep courage
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