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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Malletzky View Post
Dear Cèline, dear avalonians, dear friends...

With much love and much respect
Sigh...I am very sorry to see you feel this way...i will attempt to respond..

First of all its Céline...and..i noticed you said "céline, friends and avalonians"...i guess i am not a friend nor an avalonian...but maybe that was not your intent...i tend to read things on an emotional basis, not an intellectual one...that is why i do not fit in to this thread i guess.

i understand the intent of your response, except for ...what the purpose was for highlighting certain things i said..(taking excerpts from sentences kinda takes away its intent)

"do you really know"

know what others feel? yes, some people.

"no you dont know" you are telling me..what i know? a little presumptuous imo

"you do not know me"
You are right, i do not..and i NEVER said i do.


i have always respected your post and feel you are very aware..and are not "veiled"

You speak of love...i fear you are judging me, without love in your heart..

We all have opinions...and we all use our judgment based on opinion...allow me mine please.

As for what i "know" is NOT based only on intuition..or avatars.
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