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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Not one of your answers has offered any deeper clue to the question of who we are in this universe or where we are going.
God is.
"Life is its own answer." R. Bradbury

If you want it in a parable;
God gave us all a Ferrari - maintenance free. Any time spent tinkering under the hood, just makes it slower.

Where are we going?
Why? Was there somewhere else you have to be? The where is an illusion, the magic is now.

From a previous post:
All of us have, within the course of this life, the innate ability to reach through and beyond all illusion, and directly touch the face of our creator. By "we" and "us" I mean all conscious life, in any form.

That creation is as perfect as its creator, always. Only we can put anything in the way of this, though it never truly exists. Any of it. Such is the nature and meaning of Maya (illusion). Our creator sees us eternally in the perfect form created, as this is all that truly exists.

The first "step away" was, and always is ours alone. Any forms of judgement, all complexity is simply complexity of illusion, for its own sake. Who creates it is irrelevant, who believes it, a tragedy.

A "complex" illusion is still just that. However many worlds, dimensions, levels, and times "needed", it always confuses me. We "need" nothing of this illusion, buying someone else's idea of our need, simply feeds both party's illusion.

Their "need" is also illusion, our fulfillment came at creation, as did theirs. Why deny that to yourself, or them, with subscription?
I also ceased to post here, because no one was listening.

I have asked, but people don't seem to get the question, so I'll be blunt. This time ask yourself:
Why are they here?

You see, it's the same "here" for everyone who finds themselves here. Here is both an illusion, and a condition. That is not finger pointing, it is simply acknowledging common ground.

Are you an inter-galactic presence, "gifted" upon this realm? Well, then neither is any other "dependent" being. They, like all of us "need" something here, and so begins a tale (or tail).

While there are those who may come and go from here, at will, they don't need anything here, other than to give. It's the giving that keeps them free.

"Hidden knowledge"? see "Giving". Then ask yourself who hid it, but I wouldn't dwell.

LionHawk, Celine;
Thank you, my friends.

"Life IS mystical! It's just that we're used to it"

Evil cannot be killed. Only redeemed.

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