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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Giving my "energy" to this thread probably makes me "entitled" to act "smart"....

I never felt anything wrong with this thread. I am not spiritually advanced (at least not by formal standards) but if something smells I mostly do smell it and stay away from it.

I also do not have any special abilities. I just recently had a very short lucid dream...the 1st or 1st I can remember...cant seem to have not knot know how to....did not do anything special (or am not aware of it) before I had them...but would like to have more....anyway...I am "everyday" human...

But this here is the internet not "real" life. This thread smells just as good as most others here. There are more spices than one can usually find but at least the boiling has been kept to a minimum - something I like.

It is always interesting for me to read what it posted here... There is much I do not understand but I do try to keep it simple and try not to put energy into things that are either beyond my comprehension or ability to directly influence on....since most of the time I am putting way too much time to anything but I am participating here in this thread in attempt to learn more about myself.

Why? Because I am somehow able to see a sort of a "logic" in it (this is my understanding, someone else might see it differently).

Also each participant had his own way of contributing to this thread and Abraxasinas was/is kind enough to accommodate us all. I am sure that each person got a lot to think about...

I see no way how someone can force me into anything by either reading or participating in this thread. Also as far as my input was/is concerned - everything I do is/was/will be my choice and my responsibility (with one exception) I somehow actually like that.

Is there danger here? Compared to the majority of people (general population) knowing the contents of this thread is greatly more beneficial and less dangerous than knowing if Spice Girls will make a porno movie (that would made my day...but...) or knowing all the "positive" effects of USA stimulus or the financial problems of Greece...etc Anyone watching the TV news and blindly believing it is in a far more greater danger.

I also see no dragons swirling in our skies and also if they do come praying for some fresh meet...than it wont really matter if someone reads this thread or not... It is not like they will have a list of participants and skip all the rest... (yes this now is a poor attempt of a joke)

And before anyone mentions he or she will prevent it with the power of conscience...well than go and do it, what is stopping you?

I am yet to see a random person manifesting his thoughts into action in real time.

What I see here....and something like that also happened before...and it also happened in other what I see when I talk to other people for example about how economy is working...when I try to...step by step...A-Ž explain to hem how money is in control of everything they do in their life and how vastly different life could be....and some even go that allow themselves to picture the unimaginable possibilities of their life without formal regulation and monetary control....some.... Most of them....are "skeptic" they react like some react here...they engage into "politely defensive" mode...and if you still poke them they tend to get somewhat sarcastic...what follows is anger... It is always a good idea to disengage while they are still "polite".

I was also just recently seeking reason and ways of destroying my it is not like I am afraid to take a risk....yes I can still get scared...but after participating in this thread I no longer seek to destroy my soul...

I do not know/understand who exactly Abraxasinas is and how does that look like...but if some day a dragon (or any other being) comes I will offer my hand in friendship and ask him/her for a ride (they do fly don't they?)

This is how I wish to see someone that would welcome "friend" or "foe"..... someday I just might be able to do that....

There is still a lot to do...but my energy reserves are getting lower...I am being drained daily by people "closest" to me...

But but but....what if dragon eats me? Than I will be eaten...and will become part of the dragon or will the dragon be a part of me?

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