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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Maybe I must be one that just doesn't 'get it' ...

Exactly what are you Celine, Lionhawk, Transo, Viking, etc. so concerned about?

Who has he mislead? What has he mislead them to understand that you object to? That he calls himself a dragon or represents the Thuban Council or that Jesus is the Logos?

And you want him banned for that?

Talk about intolerance! I thought you were believers in free will? Or only free when someone 'speaks' the way you wish them to?

You all amaze me.

Not one of your answers has offered any deeper clue to the question of who we are in this universe or where we are going.

At least Abraxas has offered to reveal his 'hidden' information for our benefit, so he says. I don't know if he has altruistic motives or not and maybe he does want us to become 'stardust'.

I guess that the chance I take when I read his post but at least he is posting something of substance... whether you agree with him or not.

It makes not sense to come here and call him names or make claims that he is not who he claims to be because really, who are you?

What pedigree do you have that presupposes that I should listen to you anymore than I will listen to him? That's arrogance!

I believe that Abraxas has provided explanations to inquires made by the participants to this thread in a very thorough and thoughtful way.

Have you?

If any of you have the 'inside knowledge' or the 'universal secret' ... let us hear now, what you have to say?

We're all ears.

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