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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Céline View Post
I have not posted to this thread in awhile...

and i am about to say...what many think...

i from day 1..i wanted abraxas to be banned.

i knew his intent from the first post..yet i lacked the ability to properly express my concerns. i watched as this thread mods gave him the open door...

it has disgusted has created such negative energy...

it is a huge distraction that affects light warriors in a very negative way.

i bow to LionHawk..and offer my services in any help bring clarity to this thread.

i know the mods are between a rock and a hard place with this thread and this member...

but i also know for a fact that his thread has affected negatively a few users...some more then others...

as for defending are right..he needs no defense...he wants no defense...he got what he wanted..YOUR he can further his agenda..

i am very grateful to the universe and its creator for sending someone to remove the veil that abraxas has put over so many eyes...

Thank You Lionhawk
Dear Cèline, dear avalonians, dear friends...

I highlighted, with a purpose, some excerpts from Cèline's post above, and I’ll make it short.

You know, as hard as I try to sentiment with the feelings from many of you here... hard it is for me to accept the fact that...perpetual, on many ocations, many times...many of you seem to assume to know what's going on in the hearts of some other persons here...

Do you really know???

I tell you...despite my (by now more then 500) posts here, the answer is NO, you don't least you obviously seem not to know me.

You don't know me...and as long as that veil is still put over the eyes of many, the many will miss to know me. I'm so sorry about this. I'm really sorry...then…

...I mentioned few times already, that this forum (as many other forums too) has it's own, natural rules. These rules are not manmade...but these rules depends on the level of your own vibrational energies.

If the energy patterns on this forum doesn't match (any more) with your energy patterns, the only logical consequence, sooner or later, would be a breakup.

Really, I don’t feel comformtable any more with the fact that, based only on assumptions, inner feelings, intuition...or whatever else, some tend to know what’s going on inside of my heart and therefore indirectly stamping over me with some labels!

Allow ME to say that I also feel some negative energy here...but not that one, that many of you speak about and many of you seem to have find it radiating from some avatars here.

But did I ever said that the one...or one...or one...should be banned???

So the logical consequence is...I will take a break.

I’m proud to have been a part of this group for so long time now...and I leave you behind in love and light.

Yeah, you read light...

You’ll allways be in my heart. Please know that I love you ALL.

Until some other time dear friends...I’ve come to an end here.

...btw...we all loose...there’re no winner here...

With much love and much respect
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