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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Dear Lionhawk!

Some humans are getting ready to transform into Dragons; a very few are on the brink of doing so (1 in 50,000).
Most humans are not ready for Dragonhood; yet requiring evolvement and preparations.
According to your words of personal wisdom above, you are one of the latter humans - not yet ready for Dragonhood.

Should you search in your caves of your remembrances, then you might find some clues as to where the ancestors of the Dragons come from.
This should then allow you to revise the histories as you have learned them from second-hand sources.


Okay, yes I can imagine most humans are not ready for dragonhood, although I would not mind riding the Luck Dragon from Never Ending Story, it would beat getting the plane.

Oooh, gee, I suppose it would take a PhD, a very intelligent person to come up with all this high esoteric stuff in this thread but the dragon stuff, look I will take my chances with the lions this time okay, if that means I am doomed to get ripped apart so be it, but I do have a few friends in very high places that look after souls, so on a soul level I won't be too perturbed about what happens to the 3D suit. The 3D suit is just temporary, the soul is eternal and tells us within a second what is right and wrong.

If people want to turn into dragons well they have free will to do so, I will take my chances with the other 49,999 thanks.
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