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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Sounds like you are one in the 50,000 that was mentioned. Good for you. And if you think the ultimate test is about how the information resonates with you, I would reconsider. It's about your soul and the real test is to see if you can keep it. I have already said that Abrax has a great talent here, but for the most part he really hasn't said anything here that you can't find elsewhere. Except from this council that really has no credibility or authority over the human race. If you want to subscribe to something that has not been certified by the Creator and their Royal King, then I guess, you will be one of the ones in the food line. Their food line. The polarized topic of love and fear is a mute point as far as I am concerned. Because neither one of them will mean anything when your soul is ripped to shreds and used to control others. So if that is what your are defending without defending as you say, then all I have to say here is WHHOOOAAAAAAA!

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