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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Lionhawk View Post
Well, well, my dear Dragon. Nice try. Brushing it off your back with a brush called arrogance. To be expected in the first round between us. For that matter I think you have one hell of a sense of humor and you might consider the comedy circuit, because when I read your response, you made me laugh and I can only hope that my laugh wasn't an annoying echo in your den.

Dragon-hood. Now that is by definition a confusing concept. A definition that could very well be projected by whatever gang is giving out such information related to their agenda. It even sounds like something a kin to a degree. PHD comes to mind as to your delivery. Also the agenda of transforming humans into Dragons surely tells me that you are desperate. I must inform you that I have to take away a point by your response and let you know the number stands at 96% instead of 95%. With 4 percentage points left.

For one thing, from everything in my experience is not as you have tried to paint it. I thought Dragons had courage. You must be a young Dragon and have not fully found that courage that should be beating in your Heart. No matter the dragon dribble that you have displayed in your response, I will allow you the grace for your immaturity.

The point of my addressing you is that you have lured many with your wisdom. Even I am impressed with your talents. But not enough to compromise what the Creator has already blessed me with as a human as in higher universal man. Why would I defile his intentions by allowing what he has already blessed me with as one of his creations into something he did not intend. And you are doing what? Uncreating one in 50,000 into something that has forgotten what it was blessed with in the first place? That is just one of the most perverted perversions of the Universe I have heard in a while. The premise of that is actually very twisted in design and just shows at what lengths your soul family has gone to exploit one of God's creations. But really, why would I be surprised at this twisted twist as I have seen with my own eyes what your soul family has done. If you are really paying attention here, I said that and from the first hand as to what I brought to the table.

There are several key components that your brethren and your council no longer have control of. One of which I didn't mention in the first round, are the keys to that gate that some of you tried with all of your might to go through but turned you into Dragon butter instead. Another thing that is not in your cave of awareness is who or what is keeping that gate shut. And not to upset you but I will tell you that it is from the true source that has made this contract to keep you all here, until you embrace what you have refuted.

I have no such agenda as in duping anyone as to what I have brought here today. If anything I have spent countless years in service, since the time of Antiquity and those caves as memories as you so poorly put that is all in one cave. One life stream. If everyone could remember in full, what they have experienced in their life streams, I fear there would be a massive war of retribution reborn in this Universe for all the pain and suffering your soul family has provided them. And through the years of torment and suffering I have endured, I have come far in the healing of the prejudice your soul family has graced me with. To the point where, I have come here in actual peace to try to negotiate a peace, spite your arrogance.

I didn't come here to complicate your day Abrax. I came here with a solution to all concerned. As usual, the display of your response is no longer a speculation, as your arrogance has surely showed part of your claws. You claim you have authority but that authority is mis directed as to what your agenda is all about is nothing but another form of possession. You and your council no longer have the authority as you have so claimed with your arrogance and entitlement attitudes over this Planet any longer. This Planet was never yours to begin with. It has all been a ruse perpetrated by your quest for domination.

In the name of the human race, your agenda will not succeed should you decide to implement the invasion that your council has been covertly stock piling here on Gaia. Your council doesn't tell you everything. You can keep us distracted with your wisdom, but if the question as to who knows anything that could possibly know of that, well let us see if your are truly full of wisdom or something else. Now that is what I call an innuendo.

And if I have to stand up and represent this Planet that your soul family has exploited, to claim the authority to denounce your council's agenda, then I so do so now. I will not sit here and have any more of my soul family sacrificed to your dinner plates. Your brethren have used us from the very begining and you are going to present your council in such a sweet light without first taking the responsibility to come here and set things right even though your guilt could fill a black hole. Your council does not or is not the true Royality of the Dragons that I am friends with. So you have no real authority here in this Universe. You never had. You only have fooled the fools. Nothing more.

You see there are guardians appointed by the God of this Universe with the Creator's blessings. That only report to the one. No council rules or governs over them. So there is no infiltration. The only reason why your soul family has made it this far is because of the Creator's grace.

If I didn't know from experience these things, I would probably be subscribing to your second hand information. Your talent is blazing and I sincerely mean that. But for the sake of my fellow humans, I want them to know that their souls are being played for by an old agenda that is now passed it's time. And I don't want to see them sacrificed for nothing as that has always been the end result of that agenda I have spoken about. I don't want to see my soul family continue down this road called "Boring" because of the selfish issues that have consumed your family for eons. What you also don't get is that I also don't want to see your family end up as Dragon butter either as I also know the potential of your family as the Creator had intended is still available to you through his grace. We humans are not responsible for the karmic pile your brethren have created. So that is why it is time for you or one of your superiors to come clean and take responsibility and convince your brethren that the road you continue to travel on is a DEAD end. Was that an innuendo? Because if you do I will tell you this, is that your Brethren will find yourselves all alone and will do through the habit of your past, repeat it, but this time you will be slicing and dicing each other. The reason why you will be left alone is because of what is going to happen in the Universe. You simply won't be able to keep up in terms of frequency.

And to further add to your situation and what appears your lack of knowledge pertaining to it, is what you once had is now gone. The real ones. What you think you have is not what it appears to be. So without that, your fate is once again sealed.

Mind you, I am not here to judge you. You hold your own mirror. But everyone should have a clue as to what you have with held from your audience. There is a code between Dragons and Humans, but it is not this code. This Thuban code is not the Royal one. So it has no real authority anywhere outside of your home planet.

I'll have to pass on your proposed course of Dragonhood. I don't have the stomach to digest a child served up on a plate.

If I can propose a question, I would like to ask when are you going to tell the real truth to your human audience? I am not saying that you have lied. But what I am talking about is what you haven't told them? This reminds me of the movie, "TO SERVE MAN."

Again Abrax, I came in peace and I am going to leave in one piece. Why? Because I can. I also bid you a good day my Dragon friend. Sincerely.

Lionhawk aka ....................?
I don't pass through here often but felt compelled to thank you for your fine words Lionhawk....

And welcome back.

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