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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Malletzky View Post
Abrax, I accept your apoligize

About the misnomication, it could've happen to you know, the words and all written texts contain a certain energy paterns, and the Hippihill's and mine energy patterns are very similar...

Nevertheless, I just discovered something very, very interessting in your answer to Hippihill...

What a powerfull concept this is!

May I assume that we're not only supposed to not only find the way back home to the creator, but more then this, that we're primarly supposed to 'learn' the creation itself while finding the way back???

If really does matters to find out that 'going back home'...or the 'second comming'...must happen from inside-out and not visa versa!

with respect
You are BOTH, shard of the creator and shard of the creation simltaneously malletzky.
And you seem to have understood one of the 'hidden data' (the 5% the PTB have not yet discerned relative to their data base) rather well.

The symbolism of the eucharist is THE MOST POTENT archetype for the human-starhuman transformation.
It's the real thing and is being 'synthesized' by the PTB in 'implants' and such things. It is inside-out and not outside-in.

The Cosmic Archetypology RULES the Cosmos.
The reconfiguration of Gaia so requires reconfiguration of the entire cosmic structure.
This has been the agenda of all, PTB and ETs all along.
Not many know the details, but many have hints and indicators as to what those details entail - especially the echeloners at the top of the PTB pyramid.

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