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Default Re: Regarding the opening of Stargate or shall i say Stargates.

Ye we are being hit by sever blizzards and we have had below 0C or 32F since atleast 1st of december. This is quite unusal for being the southern part of sweden atleast.

Yes ive seen things about that to. With the activation of the wormholes etc,

One thing was what ive posted before about tirpitz or if it was bismark (the german warships) And the german invasion of norway. Hitler seemed to be pretty obsessed with "unatrual". The fjords of norway also ofcourse protects from heavy artillery bombardment from allies but still, a warship does its best of being out at see not being a sitting duck in a fjord.

Anyways this is just speculations of myself and might not have any bearing at all. Though all "la la land" stuff nowdays seems pretty far fetched and i dont think its wise to negolect things just because they sound wierd.

Remember its not that long ago you got killed for saying the earth wasnt the centre of the universe =)


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