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Default Re: Regarding the opening of Stargate or shall i say Stargates.

Originally Posted by Kristoffer View Post
Oh sorry forgot this:

No stardust, there is no news about it in the swedish media i can confirm. I stubled upon these images by just luck, i was looking for the hammering blizzard thats hitting us as we speak, and here was this thing and i got interested.

Thats basicly how it all went down.

No news, No videos, no nothing.... silence as always.


Thank you Kriss

If there is bad weather it may be realted

Someone told me that TPTB (off planet) were reactivating some old Atlantean wormholes which is the only thing that makes some sense as I don't have records of that location as a natural stargate

For me is a confirmation that there are powers of planet doing thing which no one, not even tptb in the governments know anything about

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