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Default Re: The Heather Material

Originally Posted by mntruthseeker View Post
Its funny I keep hearing how FrancieJones got banned for putting up a private email recieved from Bill........Why is Lightwarrior still able to post when he indeed put up a PM of kinsuemei2 ? All I seen was it was removed and he is still around (not sure of his name ) I'm not asking that he be banned but I'm saying Rules s/b for all if applied fairly
I just want to note I have written permission from Kinsuemei2 to post that info\PM, and he sent it to me in order to make an article out of it on PLW. Which I did, not published, but I can link it to you if you wish. In any other case (without written permission) I would agree with you.

EDIT TO ADD: A quote of my earlier statement in this thread, I feel it is relevant to your point (page 2)
I have a couple of personal remarks regarding this entire subject.

1. Release the material with personal disclaimers from Bill and/or Kerry if any of them wish to do so. The notes in the PDF file is more than sufficient in my view along with a personal disclaimer. Personal disclaimers has been done before on PC, and so it should be done regarding all subjects\whistle-blowers in all that is fair, in my view.

2. Do not for any reason release IP addresses or any personal details that can risk the identity of the whistle-blower, no matter what the case may be. This should go without question in all cases.

This is about all I have to say regarding this subject.
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