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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Malletzky View Post
Bigmo, accepting that you accept that you still might "struggle" (altough I would say, you are as perfect for me as I am perfect for myself), with something (call it ego or whatever, it's just a label, nothing more), is the begining of the acceptance. It's the begining of recognising who you (we) really are....and much more than that.

I'm not here to give you my advises, as I still haven't fully recognised my self.

But, each one of us is special...on his/her own way. And we're allowed to experience, here and now, the very special existence of duality. This is why I just can't accept any karmic debts from any previous lives, as I don't even know if I have had any. I guess, this is my first "appearance" here after many, many thousands of years. Who knows? What I want to point to is, I wouldn't pay too much intention to any karma beliefs, at least not in the way the label "karma" has been presented to us.

By the way, you made me laugh...your statement:

just reminds me of my little daughter, with her almost neverending questions......but believe me, asking questions is not the worst thing...not being able to answer all of them is much worster then,I realise that she actually knows everything, but just still do not remember.

And there we come back again to the purpose of our presence AS WE ARE...each one of us holds many hidden memories inside. So, imo, we're here to help each other to finally recognise...

[I would end this post with a statement from my daughter (already posted on another thread, but it fits here too), after she asked me what's our purpose here, why the creator created us. Her own answer was:]

...we're here to recognise what love is

I assure you, she meant much more then just saying the word "love". She recognises love as a state of being...and not only a simple feeling when you just feel in love!

Thank to YOU Bigmo...

with and respect
Your wise daughter is a Thuban Princess Malletzky. You have done very well acknowledging her sophic wisdom from the Logos.

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