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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by 12DnAHelix View Post
Hello eXchanger -
You were one of the first people to send me a 'friend request' .
it's nice to make your acquaintance.
Some reason, I just shake my head 'no' when reading this - other than your overall agreement with a 36* dimensional structure.
I am not talking about 'science fiction' though; I am talking about a structure which is actually directly perceivable - you just have to use the right lenses; which the mayans were very well schooled in.
I don't believe in any '3 matrices' or 'densities' - I believe in nested subsets of continua within a 36* dimensional structure; I think there is a lot of what I personally would call 'new age gobbledygook' in these regards.
Additionally, I believe in what is 'directly perceivable'; what I personally describe as being the 'Master Key Template of Divinity' - or the 'schematic model' & 'blueprint' that contains the form holding fields for the structure and is simultaneously woven through / underlies the entirety - at every level ...
I've 'repped' ""Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality"" for years - since 1998, just been one of those ones hiding in the shadows so to speak...
I find this thread to be rather confusing, but it is interesting
My own advice would be to seek out the Zuul and 'Time Wave Lords', plus the 'Opaluminals'.
At this point - based on personal 'Alpha Draconian' experience some 11+ years ago; I'd disregard Thuban - although perhaps they do deserve our gratitude - the renegades at least ..
unless they really have something to say about the mandala, other than curses ...
but I will give this information more than the brief glance I gave it when I posted my comment which this is in response to; which is basically the same quip I just posted.
Maybe I should look back in and see what the 'Emerald Order' has been up to over the years, I've read Voyagers 1 & 2 years ago .....
Take Care.
and =Peace= to you ..
Greetings 12DNAHELIX...NOT sure,
if you are grasping, or, reading what we wrote correctly
we said: we believe, in 36 dimensions too ~ albeit, we should have typed the
word density (not dimension)

and said; we believe in densities
that are formed over 1 - 2 - or 3 matriXes ~
of a maximum of 12D/12D/12D (D=density)
(and, NOT talked about dimensions) - our error

we believe, we have one matrix
- of 12 D (density) completed in an eXpression of 9191
in The Order of Melchesidek
and, we believe, we have one matrix - of 12D (density)
completed in an eXpression of 10
in The Order of The Elohim.

thus 12D + 12 D, for a total of 24D
plus, this, the 3rd matrix we are currently in

we said; moving through 1D to 9D
(meaning, we can access 9 densities,
thru the one we are in,
along with having 2 hereditary main guides of 12D
so, 9D/ 9+12+12=33

we also connect to a higher guidance/which is part of our own soul family
who is 10d/34d (again, density) - HOWEVER,
to keep it simple, lets just say they are at 10th density

we have NOT yet, seen, what might exist, at 11th density

and, we know that 12th density - completes the journey

and we also, believe, that it is possible to merge with
your 9th density - monad/along with your future monad too,
as, we did back on 10/25/2007

we are also aware, that the original 2 - 12TH DENSITY ASPECTS
each, became 12 x 12 x 12 = 1728 points of light
to further eXpand this:

The archetypes like 9191/Isis all come from 12D
they manifest in 10D max using 11D as mirror
they re-split into 12 x 12 x 12 = or many points of light
now, others carry as archetype
12x12x12=1728 as a cubic volume in 3D
the points of light which are in 3D mirrored into 6D and 9D finito
(talking past 9D is confusing to others)
so, to be scientifically accurate
The 9D is tright where the 3D is COLOCAL INTERD
more so then multiD
in groups of 7 and or 9

so you can put 7 densities into 6D but not as 13D


ALL MOvement Dybnamics exists in 9D Space or 10D spacetime

you can speak of
9x9=81 substructures or 63=9x7 for each of the 9D
- but its playing
Your 36 is 9x4 in 4D spacetime then its scientific
3D spacetime is the NOW experienced
4D spacetime is standard physics

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