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Default Re: Some of the "Indigo Children"?

Originally Posted by Karen View Post
Ahhhhh, we speak in language, and descriptive words are boxes for everything.

There is a child box, and adult box.
There is a table box and a chair box, and you can throw them together in the dinette box.
There is red chair box, and all things red box.

Without the word "indigo" and the wonderful work of the people who told us about them, many more would be being forced into the ritalin box. There would lots of cranky parents trying to force their children in to old-fashioned boxes.

Now there are new school boxes that take different approaches to different types of children. Some kids fit the artist box. Some fit the scientist box. Put them all together and we are back to the children box. Throw in the adults and we have the human box.

We could have a lot of fun with boxes instead of damning them.

I just meant as soon as somthing is categorized then it becomes what it is. Limited by its boundaries.
If a child is indigo then they have a standard to live up to.. What if they dont reach the special heights as attainable as other indigos. Do they then become failures. What about the children that arent "special" How do they view these "special" children... It all Very well putting things in boxes to understand things but by doing so then things can become constrained, you cant fit a spiral though a pyramid shape.It it not better to relise that we are all special. And things arent as complicated as they may seem.

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