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Default Re: X men - 5 Dollar Ft. long Subs-cryptionite

So we are in the year of the (metal) tiger and haven’t we been well prepped for that. Poor ole Tiger is not out of the Woods yet, or maybe he can’t see the wood for the trees. I don’t think he is out of the club either – didn’t his wife swing it at his car? A 9 iron so they say  If she was dressed up to the nines while doing it, wouldn’t life be sweet. And if I’m not mistaken he banged into a fire hydrant. So you got your wood, metal, water and fire or air. Jesus what does that mean is in store for us? Then you have the new movie ‘The road’ or The Rood, which is a wooden cross or crucifix.
To illustrate my question further, so I can see it, decipher it and even giggle at it, because sometimes it really is obvious to me. I’m not bad with codes and such. But I need to understand the influence of what I see has over me, or if the seeing makes it dissolve. I don’t want to get cynical as that is pure egotism but really it starts to get where it’s pervasive.
Project Camelot makes Accept More Jolt & Reject Coma Plot or just Camelot makes Acme Lot or Mole Act. And that’s just a little fun with anagrams. For instance who’s plan is Ron Paul which makes ‘Our Plan’ . Speaking of which where is (K)not Judy…………………see, cynical !
Can anyone tell help me to understand if all these programmes inserted into everything should be avoided or is it good to be a little ahead of the game. What to do with the information. Same with the dreams…….I spent 6 weeks being killed by tidal waves before the Tsunami, but what good was my preduiction to anyone? PLAY FAIR universe.
There is a possibility that I have had a tad too much coffee today.
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